February 5, 2012

Devi Crafts - New Item Update

Woohoo! I'm super excited about these flowers . I love fabric, it makes me smile every time I use it in a new way. I remember one of my favorite classes in college was Textiles 225 ( if I remember right) it was about the science behind fabric. I was eager to learn in that class more so than in any other of my courses, I just found it to be incredibly fascinating. I know now that it was because it answered the "why" and "how" to any fabric question one could ever have. And I am obsessed with the "why and "how" of not only fabric but everything. Of course I've forgotten a lot of what I learned since it's been about 6 years and there is a great deal of "science" to fabric, but thank goodness I held on the my text book.

When selecting the fabric to use for these I couldn't resist canvas, I enjoy the weight and sturdy feel it has. That has to do with a few characteristics one being the type of weave. I also chose corduroy and denim, which both have a sturdy feel but the corduroy is softer. Together I think they compliment each other well, especially since their all 100% cotton.

The type of flower pattern is the exact same as my DIY Layered Cotton Canvas Flower Kit pattern, which results in a three dimensional and "fluffy" or "lush" looking design. It's one that I came up with on my own but it's not entirely original, I've seen very similar designs in many other crafts and shops.

The assembly I prefer is that of hand sewn stitches and glue. The stitches are great for the individual petals and the glue for the placement onto felt backing. However as I explain in the PDF instructions for the above mentioned kit just using one (i.e. only glue or only stitches) will work as well.

After taking the time to cut out each petal, and I use a die cutter so it isn't nearly as bad as it could be, then individually stitching each by hand, etc. it can take a bit of time to get an entire set completed. But as always it's worth it in the end and quite satisfying to see the handiwork of my own to hands. I do however plan on offering just the die cut petals for those that want to either save money or do the handmade part themselves. Now for pictures :)


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