March 13, 2012

LDk2 featured in FABULOUS treasury on Etsy!!

Much Thanks to Amy for this incredible treasury and for including us, how fantastic is this?
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March 9, 2012

Recent Music Favorites

Mat Kearney

I remember the first time I heard him I thought the lead singer of Coldplay was doing a side project. I'm not sure if his voice still sounds like Chris Martin, but either way he's one of my absolute favorite artist. His most recent album Young Love is incredible work and a great progression of his talent. My favorite track right now-it's always changing- is Ships In The Night, like all his music it makes me smile and imagine I am an awesome vocalist. And of course I always sing along even if I don't know what the lyrics are :)

Bluey Robinson

How delicious is this guy? (don't worry Levi never gets on here, I mostly "force" him to participate) I found Bluey Robinson through a hip-hop dance video on youtube and I am hooked, but it's more than just his pretty face he also has a pretty voice. Imagine that! Alright this is probably his most well known song right now: (actually I have no idea, but it's my favorite)

Enjoy :)